$ 125.00

During the fickle Texas weather, the Denim Quilted Vest shields against cold mornings as an added base layer and vents out body heat during warm afternoons. Designed with the rider in mind, it comes equipped with a double pull zipper so the material doesn’t billow at the waist while you’re atop a Tennessee Walker or a Triumph Bonneville. Impeccable duck canvas piping and melton showcase a worker’s spirit, and the brushed brass zippers and snaps add a touch of timeless flair. Another limited-run item, the Denim Quilted Vest effortlessly combines the world’s of a man with a job to do, and the man with a penchant for style.


  • Care:  Machine wash cold, hang dry or for best care dry clean
  • Fabric: 1” Gold Diamond Stitched Quilting, lined with a chambray backside